Raw material

What is the CFD?

Apparently, the name CFD comes from the acronym Contract For Difference, which can be interpreted as “contract for difference”. Principle of CFDs Obviously, in this type of contract, commonly known as a CFD, two distinct parties called respectively “seller” and…

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Tips for Investing in Gold and Precious Metals

Money is currently in freefall and is losing value every time. The solution to avoid seeing its funds evaporate is to invest in gold and precious metals. To get started, here are a few tips for you. Always be vigilant…

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What type of raw materials should you invest in?

As a result of the economic crises the world has been going through, investors are transferring their capital into commodities to avoid the risks of inflation.  However, before you invest, there is a crucial step to take. This is the…

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Investing in gold

It is possible to buy ingots or gold coins. If this investment does not yield any income, it is possible to make capital gains by reselling the gold when its price rises. Gold as a safe haven You can buy…

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