It is possible to buy ingots or gold coins. If this investment does not yield any income, it is possible to make capital gains by reselling the gold when its price rises.

Gold as a safe haven

You can buy gold in the form of bars, bars, wafers or coins. If you already own gold, you should know that to resell it, bars, ingots and wafers must weigh more than 1 gram and have a purity of at least 995 thousandths. Gold coins must have been minted before 1800 and have a purity of at least 900 thousandths. The gold is submitted at the gold price. So when you buy gold you are not sure that you will get back your investment when you resell it. The price of an ounce of gold is calculated according to supply and demand. The risk is evaluated at 50%. By buying gold, your investment will not earn you any money. You can still expect to make a profit by selling the gold when the price is higher than when you bought it.

Tax rule

You can buy gold from a broker or your banker. He will issue you a certificate of possession to keep for tax purposes. Possession of gold is taxed uniquely. If you can prove the date of possession of the gold, the capital gains will be taxed at 34.5%. If you have owned the gold for more than 3 years, you can benefit from a 15% tax deduction. After 22 years of ownership, you are exempt from capital gains tax. If you are unable to prove the date of possession of the gold, an additional 10.5% tax is added at the time of resale.