Choosing the right investment

What type of investment to choose?

Choosing winning private investments means choosing those that offer good returns at a lower investment cost. But you’ll make money easily when they strategically enhance your own portfolio and investment goals. More details with

Financial investments

Financial investments

When it comes to finance, understanding basic information about private placements is an important step in learning how to invest. You will need to master certain principles to maximize the rate of return on your money.

Real estate investments

Real estate investments

Investing in real estate assets is simply a way to improve finance. As you learn more about it, you will suddenly become aware of the many choices and challenges that await you.

Choosing the right investment
Choosing the most profitable type of investment
Choosing the most profitable type of investment

Choosing the most profitable type of investment

Best investment: investing in the stock market and equities

Do you want to invest a recently received sum of money? Disappointed by the products offered by your bank? Real estate, stock exchange, life insurance, passbooks… Find out which are the most interesting investments of the moment.

New taxation on life insurance, lower savings rates, real estate remains one of the most profitable investments over the long term. Although it is very popular, it is still unknown to most people. In fact, while everyone has an idea about rental real estate, fewer people are interested in Real estate establishment trust, the stone and paper investment.

Of course, the value of the shares can also fall below the price initially invested. They are considered one of the riskiest types of investment. But equities have always generated higher returns than other assets.

On the other hand, there are several ways to approach stock market investment. Choose the option that best suits the way you want to invest. Generally speaking, to invest in equities on the stock market, you need investment accounts.

Real estate investment

Is investing in real estate profitable?

Many companies pay particular attention to the quality, accuracy and objectivity of the advice they provide.


(Real Invest Investment Trust)

Thanks to the tax systems inherited from the rental investment, REITs are intended for people who wish to invest in office or retail rental property without worrying about management while benefiting from a tax reduction.



Real estate crowdfunding is a means of investing in real estate using small amounts of capital from various entities. This is mainly done through participatory financing platforms that bring together sponsors and investors.



The rental investment consists of acquiring a property in addition to your main residence. It can be a way to secure your retirement income. With a rental property, someone else pays your mortgage and, over time, your equity increases.

Choosing the right type of investment

Choosing the right type of investment

Where can you put your money safely?

Online Booklets

Online passbooks can provide you with a high-interest savings account.

Life Insurance

Making a long-term investment while benefiting from an advantageous tax framework.

Booklet A

The Livret A passbook is an option often considered in the context of education savings. Indeed, the interest rate on the account is attractive and the availability of funds is guaranteed at all times.

Investment funds

You will be able to choose from more than 10,000 investment funds: real estate investment funds, specialised professional funds etc. It is therefore useful to define objectives to reduce the field.


Even private placements are subject to a specific tax regime.

Tips for managing the taxation of investments

Tax efficiency is key to maximizing investment returns. Unfortunately, the complexity of U.S. investment and tax laws prevents many investors from understanding how to manage their private investments to minimize the tax burden.

The first step towards a tax-efficient investment is to determine how it is structured under the law. There are tax-exempt accounts, such as municipal bonds and the Tax-Free Savings Account.

Maximizing Retirement Income

How to manage capital for retirement?

PERP/Le Madelin retraite

There are many schemes that provide attractive retirement incomes. Some products are dedicated to a specific class of working population. The Madelin retraite and the Plan ├ępargne retraite populaire or PERP are among them.

Investing in dismemberment

Stripping investment is the acquisition of real estate in bare ownership. If you want to get started, you will need to properly calibrate your needs and define precise objectives.

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